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2013-12-24 11:06:52 by Cascadia

Killsonik is so fucking beast I can't even comprehend. My raging dick is so hard for this guy. In fact this song would go great in a madness collab. Someone please use it because it's so sick (as are all of his songs). where the river runs black or buy it because he truely deserves the money. I have a new animation coming soon which is by far my greatest work for Newgrounds. It's SORTA madness combat related and I just hope that this time with all the huge structural adjustments that it will not be blammed. 

Have a merry christmas and new year guys/gals! 

love cascadia <3

x x x


orangebat profile picture was made by the FABULOUS clatform omggggggggggggg it's so god damn cool <333333


such christmas cheer

many treats



Oppa Goddamn Style

2013-05-13 19:01:31 by Cascadia

The original song made my ears bleed but this is actually awesome.

An ellipsis...

2013-05-01 20:49:13 by Cascadia

He'll probably never read this but... I'm want to say sorry to DIMB. I used to be such a dick. It makes me sad to even think about it...

I'm sorry dude. :C


2013-03-05 22:09:04 by Cascadia


a madness test scene (first in ages) posted hopefully tonight, just gotta add all dat bluud

I'm about 10% into my project for Madness Day. I plan to keep adding scenes to it until September. Will upload some tests at some point. This also happened last night

Started drawing this guy who';ll be finished off shortly./ Well he turned into this.

What are these.... D:

That cool motherfucker Clitporn made the kickass Orangebat drawing I attached. Huge thanks, I can't even comprehend how fucking amazing this is and how awesome you are for making it. While on the subject of retarded fucking bat porn, I'll be upl04ding more Orangebat series episodes soon so prepare your anus for a level of brain damage never before witnessed on Newgrounds.

Pasta from the last newspost

The finest piece of animation to ever grace the NG portal. Check out The Dolan Escapades before it gets blammed.

Not sure if I should make more... Yes/Fuck no? ...


I'm almost done a short psychedelic [sorta] animation which will be uploaded 1-2 weeks. I hope to make weirder content in the future. There might be another Orangebat episode uploaded to coincide with that and some unoriginal Madness toons are also in production. The purpose of this newspost was not to update progress but to post this goddamn awesome motherfucking Youtube video.

This is seriously the greatest "thing" I have ever seen.


My Obituary of Failed Madness Projects

2013-02-19 19:48:49 by Cascadia

Edit: The finest piece of animation to ever grace the NG portal. Check out The Dolan Escapades before it gets blammed.

Edit: Wade is AWE-SOME.

'Sup biological entities who lurk on Newgrounds. I'm back and I plan on doing some animating once again. *inb4 the entire NG community commits suicide* (I will try not to suck this time guys, I swear I will try real hard). I don't even know if anyone remembers me or cares to think that far back, but hey, I never was all that good at Flash so you're not missing out on much. I really want to make an awesome short cartoon of some kind, but that'll take quite a while. So, expect a few bizarre Madness spam projects on the cards in the meantime. Prepare to be wildly offended and confused by the downright awful concepts I think up while drunk. D:

I thought I'd post some of the (hundreds) of failed projects I've tried to animate before. I just thought someone out there might be interested to see and hell even laugh at for how bad these were.

These are all unfinished and missing parts.


Madness Paroxysm 2010
The story followed a family who were left destroyed when the father was shot dead on his doorstep, and the mother was also killed inside the house. The thugs who killed them took his father back to a facility where they stole his heart. When the child grew up he went on a revenge spree to kill all those who had killed his parents. Once he has killed all the thugs, he realizes that the thug boss had stolen his dad's heart to give to his young child who was dying. Knowing this, he decides not to kill the boy, and they embrace because they have both lost everything. Baaaaawwww.

I think the idea was nice but the animating was not so fluid or great.

Intro Scene
Fight Scene


Some Unnamed Madness Battle 2011
I loved the style behind this one but unfortunately it was never finished.

Battle on the edge of infinity


2-Player Zombie Game 2009
This was a zombie survival game I started to make and attempt to code. It was a nightmare trying to get hit detection to work in actionscript whereby it recognizes whether a zombie has touched your character or not, and that was what led me to abandon it. It's 2-player: W,A,S,D control the blue dude and the ARROW KEYS control the red. It's stupid and old but could have been something fun if the hit test hadn't been a fucking dick and fucked up.

Zombie Game


The Puppeteer 2011
I made this edgy dude with a mask who butchers people to death mainly with a knife. While some of this was smooth other parts were too clunky and the blur effects from him warping in and out of places started to get irritating and I dropped this project. It was a bit unoriginal and didn't have a solid plot so I'm not too sad that it's dead. Do you want to know the more intriguing thing about this? The face underneath the mask was actually terrifying, once I'd drawn it I violently recoiled in horror D: It's 2spooky to show you so be relieved :p hahaha.

Torture Room
Warping Test
Character Sample


Madness Empathy 2010
Usual story that everyone loves to hate. A rogue guy stampedes through a military facility killing everyone in sight. I did a lot more to this but the original project files were lost or burst into flames or something. These were probably some of my smoothest movements at the time but again it was unoriginal due to the repetitive plotline and using the same sprites instead of making new ones. I just like the originals better than any I create.

Killing Spree


^_____^ I love you. :3


Did you guys just... daily 2nd place? And what's this... frontpaged? Wow.

I did practically nothing to this collab. The parts that were named zunder were old tests that somehow got used in the final movie. So all the credit for putting this together amazingly goes to XXBlinx and congratulations to all the other legendary artists who took part.

I did put together an intro which was never used due to a huge file size.


I also designed the menu art but that's about it from me.

Have a wonderful day!

Bobby's crew was hardcore

2011-11-03 13:37:54 by Cascadia


Madness Vexacious 5 coming soon. Also Madness Lethiferous 2 updates.

Or watch the first Madness Lethiferous here.

Bobby's crew was hardcore


2011-10-20 23:31:38 by Cascadia

I will make something new.

Nothing else to say.

Old Test
Old hank shooting...

My production company. Hahah.

What is this...
Character Design

I sense another Madness Vexacious or Orangebat episode on its merry way gentlemen.

Edit: Madness Vexacious 5 is almost done kids! Fiercer, raunchier and more fucking bizarre than ever before.

Add me for great justice. darkzunder at hotmail dot com


2011-01-25 11:51:46 by Cascadia

does anyone want to host and put together madness lethiferous? If someone does this i am officially dropping out. i simply dont have the time or energy to do this.

It's soo close to being complete.



fallout 3 is a beast


2011-01-17 15:24:28 by Cascadia

---------- Lethiferous 2 ----------

These are the way things are you might not like it but here goes. I said Lethiferous 2 would be released between 15-20th January and I plan to stick to that. But I am a little busy right now with school and stuff so it is quite difficult. I'm putting all the parts together but the problem is the file is a massive size and runs very slow and crashes. So as much as I'm trying to meet this date do not expect it. I won't complain no more about damaged files and bore you with technical details that make you want to slap me in the face.. Instead keep your eyes open but any private-messages just pressure me even more and makes it even more counter-productive. Just, wait. Will it be worth the wait? Doubt it.. nothing is worth the countless hours of stress, annoyance and frustration that collaborations are liable to concede. I'm being honest. I applaud everyone for putting so much effort into their parts. And I do hope that we make a stunning finished piece but the odds are stacked against us. :(

---------- Other Stuff ----------

Is it just me or does anyone else get the faintest feeling that NG is dying? I mean obviously its still extremely active but there is not as much going on as there used to be. Maybe that feeling is just because all the so-called 'Madness animators' are leaving due to "unoriginality". Oh, apparently that's not a word. Besides that Lethiferous 2 will be the last animation I do here. Except I have a short cartoon about a psychotic man who beats his kids. Its pretty cruel and dark natured from what I have so far but again my work is keeping me from doing much online stuff any more. But still all my other aNiMaTiOnS are total crap including the clusterfuck of sickeningly bad Orangebat episodes which make me want to void my brain upon watching. If that's possible. I guess this will be the last update for a while so you can stop visiting this page. pOiNtLeSs!

As always. Hit me up!

Comments disabled because I know people will pressure me to get this done. :/